Hear from our Recipients how we helped


My family and I would like to thank GiveLocally.net for really working hard and coming through with gifts so that we could stay in our apt and not end up homeless! It has been a really tough couple of months and I was really scared that my daughter, my 2 week old granddaughter and myself would end up on the streets, now we get to be in our home and know that those who gave so that we would be warm and safe are ANGELS sent from above!! As many around the world worry about what they will give to each other, we may not have food or gifts to give but we have the best gift of all, each other and faith that when God wants us to have more, He will provide!! Thank You to each and everyone at GiveLocally! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!

Thank you so very much for the help. It is greatly appreciated, don\'t know what we would have done without this help. Thank you for letting us have a roof over our heads in Christmas . Again, I can not express my gratitude enough. Thank you, and God Bless.
Palo Alto,CA

I appreciate every bit of help I am blessed to receive through GiveLocally. Any help I receive will go towards my experience here in Chile, where I am learning more and more about my studies, myself, and overall, the world from a different point of view. Thank you to all at GiveLocally who help with my education and adventure. Without you this semester would have been pretty rough.

I just wanted to take a minute to say hello and thank you to all of the wonderful people out there who have given so greatly to those of us who have needed some help! All of the great people out there in cyber-land have been a great help not only to me and my family, but to all of the others out there who have needed it. And thank you to all of you who work for GiveLocally. You are a true blessing to those around you! Your hard work is greatly loved by those of us out here needing you! Thank you just does not seem to be enough! But that is what I have to give. I hope that you all know just how much we are glad to have you out there! Sherry E.

Many thanks and appreciation to Give Locally for their diligence in working fast to get my water restored. I am forever grateful for their hard work and dedication in making sure my children and I have water. Thanks Give Locally!
Patricia. Duane and Kaleb

I want to thank GiveLocally.Net for helping my family during our most desperate time. You have been a God send to us. I was afraid that I would not be able to take my son to a doctor appointment because I did not have money for gas. But with the gas card you are sending I no longer have to worry about not being able to get my son the medical attention he needs. We have fallen so far behind on our rent and again you have come through for us in our time of need. May God Bless everyone at GiveLocally.net and again THANK YOU for everything you have done for my family.