GL Nation Lets Help This Family Of 3 This Holidays

Antioch, IL

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Anonymous12/31/2015$50.00Deuteronomy 28
Coffee shop staff01/11/2016$100.00God bless!
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GOAL: $3,000

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Rebecca E. and her husband Javier are the proud parents of Alec (12) who is in the 7th grade. Rebecca is unemployed and Javier was recently laid off but has found a temp job through an employment agency. “ Our son Alec has learning disabilities (ADHA) and behavioral issues as well, and this is one of the reasons I am unable to continue working, I am his carter. This past year has been a huge struggle for us, with only 1 income to pay all the bills and rent, we are very limited and need some whelp. Holidays are here and we are so sad we will not be having a fun one. Any amount would help, we are most concerned for our kid and don’t want to disappoint him this Christmas . Thank you GiveLocally for your time and for helping all of us in need.

They need: $1500 Basic Needs; $1500 Utilities Assistance