GL Nation: Let’s Help This Single Mother And Grandmother From Being Evicted

Newark, NJ

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GOAL: $3,000

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Code: GL-363
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Samantha J. is a hardworking single mother of Jasmine (17) and Keith (16). Samantha was working as a childcare provider but had to take a leave of absence to take care of her ill mother who passed away this past December. She is now unemployed and has fallen in very hard times. In addition to this she is also the full provider of her 2 grand children, Qasim (4) and Hajah (4 months old) . “ It is very hard to get back on track and it is harder when you are unemployed. I seek for a job every day and have faith that I will get one soon, but meanwhile all my bill are past due but what I worry the most is my rent. We are getting evicted soon if we don’t pay our landlord. I worry every day that we will be on the street with all of my kids and grandkids. I saw GiveLocally on a TV show and saw how many families this organization has helped, to be honest it gave me hope. Thank you GiveLocally for this amazing opportunity, I really hope you can help my family, we will really appreciate from the bottom our hearts any help we receive”.

They need: $2000 Rent Assistance; $1000 Utility Bill Assistance

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110.70Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
24.30GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
155.80Walmart Gift Card and Gas Card
34.20GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee