Let’s Help This Single Mother Of Three to Pay Her Rent And With Utility Bills

Dallas, TX

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Isabel I. is a a single mother of 3 Jazmin (15) , Giovanni (15) and Maria Ibanez (12). Isabel has been unemployed for1 year, she had been working as a bill collector. Isabel is looking for a job daily and has not have any luck finding one. “ I am really struggling , I do not receive unemployment the only help I receive is food stamps. I worry that we can be evicted and have our utilities shot off. I sometimes receive child support but it is never enough”. Isabel struggles day to day, she has hope that one of these days she will find a steady job that helps support her kids. “ I was unable to give my kids a happy Christmas, if someone can help us in any kind of way it will change our lives dramatically. I came to this site to find help, I thank everyone at GiveLocally for the support and for giving me the opportunity to see some light at the end of this deep tunnel, thank you very much and God bless you all”.

They need: $1000 Rent Assistance; $1000 for Basic Needs

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98.40Walmart gift card for basic needs
21.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee