Let's Help This Strong, Good Spirited Mother of 4 Get Through a Rough Patch

Saint Paul, MN

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Coffee shop staff01/27/2012$100.00God bless this mother
Coffee shop staff02/28/2013$100.00God bless you
Coffee Shop employees01/29/2014$70.00God bless you
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GOAL: $2,750

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Felicia G. is a mother of 4 "with a nest that’s almost empty (YES!!)". Her son Christopher just turned 18 and will be graduating this year. He also won the National Junior Achievement Award in Washington, DC this year with his in school business ("I’m so very proud of him"). Felicia is also a student; she recently returned to school after losing her job in 2010. "So when I say I hope GL can change my life a little; it’s because I’m grateful for the life we have. Losing my job, although difficult to adjust to, has really been one of best things to ever happen to me. It has allowed me to go after the education and career I’ve always wanted, but never had the time to pursue. Christopher and I have had many ups and downs over this last year, but have still managed to stay our course. But now I’m in need of a little a temporary relief. My unemployment ended yesterday; subsequently, so did my car (its a good car – just needs some repairs). But these two major setbacks will affect the bigger picture -- December’s Rent, and other immediate personal needs, such as groceries and house hold items. Chris and I are just happy to have our family, and the roof over our heads (he understands the bigger picture). We know too many that don’t even have that. So if I could be blessed with anything, it would be just to keep my head above water until next semester (and of course a job –real soon). Thank you to any who might help."

They need: $1500 rent assistance; $1000 grocery assistance; $250 auto repair

Amount Details
82.00Walmart Gift Card for basic needs
18.00GiveLocally Keep The
82.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
57.40Gift Card for Basic Needs and For Transportation
12.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
80.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Felicia and her Family