Help a Single Mom Get Reliable Transportation

Bruswick, GA

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Anonymous10/10/2010$25.00Your community cares. May this help
Lindsay Moss12/17/2010$25.00Merry Christmas, may GOD bless your family and may you get a car soon!
GiveLocally12/18/2010$25.00GiveLocally match of Give made on 12/17/2010
anonymous02/01/2011$10.00Wishing you the best
Staci Dent10/19/2011$25.00Wishing you the best
Debra Binder12/23/2011$200.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/31/2011$50.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous12/31/2011$500.00Our prayers are with you
GIVES SO FAR: $860.00 Charms: 1,670
GOAL: $3,000

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Let's do everything we can to help this single mom and 4 kids get reliable transportation. She does not have a car and there is very little in walking distance from where they live. There is also no form of public transportation in the area. She is in need of the basics for her kids , School supplies are much needed.

They need: $3000 Reliable transportation.

Amount Details
61.50Walmart Gift Card
13.50GiveLocally 'Keep The Lights On Fee'
30.00Walmart Card for Basic Needs.
613.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
141.30GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee