GL General Fund

Los Altos, CA

GiveLocally Recipient
Name Give Date Amount Comments
Anonymous11/10/2010$10.00Good luck!
Anonymous11/15/2010$250.00For Helping Many
Sanjay Sabarwal11/17/2010$100.00
Anonymous12/10/2010$100.00For the cause
Sandy A.12/11/2010$100.00May this help others
Rex A.12/14/2010$100.00Holiday blessing for many
Darnell12/16/2010$50.00Keep up the great work
Holiday well wisher12/20/2010$150.00
GiveLocally12/21/2010$200.00GL Fund Distribution to Erin of Scranton, PA: Walmart Card
Joelle12/24/2010$150.00Happy holidays and blessings
Alisha W.12/27/2010$150.00
Anonymous12/29/2010$200.00For helping others
Laura Seigle12/29/2010$200.00
Jenny W.01/14/2011$35.00Keep up the great work!
Debbie j.01/16/2011$20.00Bless all of you
Dave G.01/19/2011$15.00This is a great site
Brady W.02/23/2011$25.00For someone who needs help
GL03/04/2011$1,000.00For Winner of You GiveLocally Contest
Oscar and Linda B.04/16/2011$30.00Hopefully this amount helps
San Francisco Giant Fan05/07/2011$15.00Keep Up the Good Work
Oscar and Linda B.05/19/2011$30.00Blessings to those in need
Anonymous05/22/2011$30.00Hope this amount helps
Anonymous05/23/2011$25.00God bless all the families in need.
GL05/26/2011$100.00For Helping Others
GL05/30/2011$100.00For FB Give-aways for Gas Cards
Linda B.06/23/2011$30.00Blessings to those in need
GiveLocally06/29/2011$150.00For GL Facebook Fans
Lindsay R.07/01/2011$50.00Happy 4th to those in need
Anonymous07/07/2011$15.00May this little bit help
GiveLocally07/14/2011$150.00For FB Fans and Sherry E
Linda B.07/24/2011$30.00Blessings to those in need
Jenna L08/01/2011$15.00Best wishes
Latisha V.08/02/2011$10.00Hope and prayers
GiveLocally08/02/2011$300.00From GL for FB Fan Give-Aways
Anonymous08/03/2011$15.00Blessings to all
Tim08/05/2011$15.00Cool site!
Anonymous08/14/2011$15.00I like what you are trying to do
Anonymous08/17/2011$400.00To help many
Lauren08/17/2011$45.00Hooray for GL!
GiveLocally08/20/2011$360.00From GL for FB Give-away
Janet08/21/2011$45.00Hope it helps
Anonymous 08/24/2011$500.00This is a great site that will help many
Jannie08/24/2011$25.00God bless all of us
Linda B.09/11/2011$30.00Belssings
Linda B.09/21/2011$30.00Blessings to those in need
GiveLocally09/28/2011$600.00For Laura M.'s Rent So Not Evicted
Anonymous10/03/2011$20.00This is a great site!!
Anonymous10/06/2011$15.00may this help
Jennifer Kelly10/20/2011$10.00Thanks for all you do.
GiveLocally.net10/27/2011$600.00Gift Cards for Big Give-away on FB to 12 Fans
Anonymous11/08/2011$100.00"...Faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity." 1 Cor. 13:13 KJV
eve coddon12/08/2011$100.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous12/20/2011$25.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous12/23/2011$100.00Never give up!
Anonymous12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/28/2011$25.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous12/29/2011$100.00May this be of help
Laura Seigle12/30/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/30/2011$200.00Never give up!
Susanne Watkins12/31/2011$1,000.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/31/2011$10.00Blessings and warm wishes
Judith Warren12/31/2011$30.00May this be of help
Margarita Maisonet12/31/2011$500.00May this be of help
KATHY TRAUNER12/31/2011$10.00TO THE FUND(wish it could be more)
Coffee Shop Employees01/13/2012$430.00God Bless All the Families
Coffee shop staff01/18/2012$375.00God Bless all of the families
HH01/25/2012$50.00May this be of help
Linda B.02/07/2012$30.00God bless all the families
Gene Mercoli02/07/2012$25.00Nice cause
Anonymous02/08/2012$326.00God Bless!
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous02/08/2012$10.00May this be of help
Anonymous03/19/2012$15.00May this be of help
Linda B.05/08/2012$60.00God Bless
GiveLocally10/01/2012$250.00GL Gas Card Give-away
Susanne Watkins12/27/2012$1,000.00May this be of help
GIVES SO FAR: $12,341.00 Charms: 8,812
GOAL: $25,000

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The GL General Fund comes from a percentage of ad revenue and from Gives made directly to the Fund. Proceeds are reserved for emergencies or special circumstances. GL distributes funds from the General Fund to Recipients selected by GL, and posts all distributions made from the General Fund to ensure total transparency.

They need:

Amount Details
400.00Payment to Recipient Sean!s Medical Clinic
100.00Walmart card for Christmas help for listed Recipients Bill and Vanessa B of Texas
75.00Walmart Card to Recipient Crystal and kids of MD
75.00GL Fund Distribution: Holiday help for JoAnn G and 3 kids of PA
100.00Walmart Card to Tonia of TN for Xmas for her son Trey
75.00Walmart Card for Melinda and her 3 kids for Xmas
75.00Walmart Card for Joah and her 4 daughters: San Bernardino
75.00Bill Assistance to Cindy and her 2 boys: North Carolina
200.00Walmart card for Erin and her 4 kids of Scranton PA: Holiday Help
100.00Holiday assistance for Crystal and kids/ San Jose. Walmart card
50.00Gas Card for Kathy of Santa Cruz to take her daughter to school, etc.
200.00GL Fund purchased a meal plan card from Methodist Hospital for the Crouch's stay
461.54GL Fund Pays TX Recipient Vanessa B's Electric Bill To Ensure Son's Pulse Oxygen Machine Continues to Function
300.00GL Fund Pays $300 For WA Recipient Richard K.'s Apartment Rent
1000.00GL Check to The Smile Delivery Foundation
150.00Walmart cards to Facebook Fans
150.00Walmart Cards for Sherry E and FB Fans
300.006 $50 Walmart Cards for FB Fan Give-aways
400.00Check to Laura M.'s Landlord for rent assistance
360.009 Walmart cards -$40 each- for FB Give-Away
305.00Gift and Gas Cards for FB Give-aways
600.00$50 Gift Cards for 12 FB Big Give-Away Winners
40.00Walmart Gift Card for Xmas Assistance to Michele T.
50.00Gift Card for Michelle T. For Basic Needs
110.00Walmart Card For Nerissa L. For Basics.
1300.00GL Check to Mike P. Landlord for Rent assistance
255.00GL Check to Progress Energy Florida Inc. for Colleen F. Electric Bill Assistance
500.00GL Check to Susan S. and husband's Landlord for Rent assistance
100.00Walmart Gift card to Berenice S. to purchase basic needs
30.00Walmart Gift card to Jennifer C. to purchase basic needs
250.0010 $25 Gas Cards to GL Recipients
112.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Michele And her Family CID377
136.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Manuel and his Family CID136
200.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Cindy CID204
125.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Melissa and her kids CID216
80.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Felicia and her Family CID294
150.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Deborah and her son CID310
225.00Basics and Toddler Supplies Assistance From GL Fund to Artaviana and her kids CID418
300.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Laura and her grandkids CID177
150.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Kathy and her Girls CID387
200.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Amanda and her family CID381
90.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Andrea and her son CID369
150.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Cindy and Her Family CID283
200.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Melissa and her kids CID221
300.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Jennifer and her son CID305
125.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Greg and His Family CID419
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Evelyn CID414
80.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Duane and his Girl CID320
320.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Carol and Her Son CID395
150.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Linda and Her Family CID410
125.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Ketia CID393
200.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Patricia M. CID417
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Angie and Her Kids CID399
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Charlie and Her Grand Kids CID317
100.00Basic and Toddler Assistance from GL Fund to Nakita and Her Family CID391
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Virgil and his Son CID284
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Jovana and her Family CID411